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5:41am 01-14-2019
Tracey V. Gatling
Hello I am looking for a female pup for protection, companionship and good with children and other animals. I’d like her to grow to be on the large side. I live in the Hampton Roads area so hopefully not too far from you. How much are your pups and what is required of me to purchase one?

Thank You,
Replied on: 7:41am 01-14-2019

Hello Tracey, I sent you an email

7:09pm 05-23-2018
Christie Whitt
Just put my deposit on a male! So excited!!!! Such BEAUTIFUL dogs! Looking forward to meeting the puppies.
6:43am 05-07-2018
Alfed J Shipman
Like your site
5:00am 03-30-2018
Hello Rebecca.. We purchased our beautiful Panzer from you 10 1/2 years ago. He just passed over the rainbow and we are brokenhearted. He was absolutely the most perfect dog in every sense. Temperment, looks, intelligence...just perfect. We will be in contact with you, as our home is not a home without our Panzer. Please let us know when you will have puppies available in the next several months. Again, we will only look to you for our next GS. Absolutely impeccable breeder.
12:40pm 03-15-2018
ray&rose callahan
interested buying pup
12:41pm 01-12-2018
Hey there. Love your GS looks. We just lost our last GSD too young CA of liver at 7/. We live on 5 acres in Venice 3 generations 3 Households and family run business. First time in forever without our dogs , well crept for our 14/ yr lab. Wanting a male and a female. Littermates? Or not ? I'm sure yours have all health checks yes? Pricing? Thank you. Maybe we can ride over and meet you!
7:27pm 11-07-2017
Just looking
11:32am 07-06-2017
1:48pm 06-23-2017
Hello, we just lost our loyal friend and protector Ra, a Boerboel, and are looking to get a German Shepherd next spring.
9:24pm 06-13-2017
looking for a female pup
Replied on: 8:09am 06-15-2017

Thank you for your interest in our puppies.We have two females available at the moment and we are expecting two litters in about 10 days. Feel free to email us at to set up an appointment for a visit to our facility.

11:32pm 12-18-2016
Ronald and Liz Oren
We are looking for a male shepherd.We have no time restraint so could be now or come Spring.We are located in NW Arkansas so actually Spring is better due to uncertain driving conditions to Florida this time of year.Thank you
Replied on: 6:17am 12-19-2016

Hello and thank you for contacting us here st Southern Import K9. We currently have a litter of pups with two males in it that will be ready to go home Jan 24th. We are also expecting several litters over the next 3 or 4 months.

8:08am 10-28-2016
Going to put a deposit down on a beautiful female puppy in a few hours to be a companion for my male GSD named Blitz. I grew up with one named Lady,she raised me from 8 to 18. I still miss her. Can't wait to see my new little girl/puppy and meet you Rebecca,, i'm so excited i could pee my pants. I love German Shepherds more than anything and i know Blitz will be so happy to have a girlfriend/ companion ,and i'll have another GSD to shower with love and affection. See you in a few hrs. I have 5 acres for them to run and play , can't wait ! , Thanks Rebecca ,
11:26am 08-23-2016
Cynthia Thornton
Beautiful babies, I will be contacting you soon we are moving to TN and will be looking to get possibly 2 of them.
12:02pm 07-06-2016
Sally Hubbard
Hi. Like your site. watched some youtube videos too.
9:08am 06-18-2016
Will contact you on Monday
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