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8:08am 10-28-2016
Going to put a deposit down on a beautiful female puppy in a few hours to be a companion for my male GSD named Blitz. I grew up with one named Lady,she raised me from 8 to 18. I still miss her. Can't wait to see my new little girl/puppy and meet you Rebecca,, i'm so excited i could pee my pants. I love German Shepherds more than anything and i know Blitz will be so happy to have a girlfriend/ companion ,and i'll have another GSD to shower with love and affection. See you in a few hrs. I have 5 acres for them to run and play , can't wait ! , Thanks Rebecca ,
11:26am 08-23-2016
Beautiful babies, I will be contacting you soon we are moving to TN and will be looking to get possibly 2 of them.
12:02pm 07-06-2016
Hi. Like your site. watched some youtube videos too.
9:08am 06-18-2016
Will contact you on Monday
7:05pm 03-19-2016
we love are boy . he is 3 yr now .
6:25pm 07-11-2015
Helen haight
I got my GS almost two years ago and he is amazing!!!
1:06pm 06-09-2015
Southern import k9 provided us with a stunning shepherd whose temperament is unmatched. Dante is an amazing protection dog, yet sweet and gentle. We are constantly complimented on how gorgeous and well behaved he is. He's the love of our life and we absolutely cannot wait to have another southern import puppy! Thank you Rebecca!
1:05pm 06-09-2015
We are so in love with our Remy! Jasko and Vatra sure made some beautiful pups. Thank you Southern Import.
12:30am 05-13-2015
WOW! What a professionally run FAMILY Organization. It is obvious you Love your Dogs/family members Rebecca! Everything I saw at/on your website is first class. I would call it a "Labor of Love" but to's just Love.. The Labor "part" is irrelevant to you.
Congrats to you..for it is said.. " FIND SOMETHING YOU LOVE TO DO...AND YOU WILL NEVER WORK ANOTHER DAY IN YOUR LIFE "! I am happy to have met such an avid GS lover..and a new friend to confidently lean on and "pick your brain".
I am proud and happy to say I am fixing to buy a puppy from you and be part of your family.
6:05pm 04-07-2015
I have been searching for a German Shepard to be a family pet and companion (not for breeding or show). Could you let me know more about the process and puppy pricing?
8:04pm 03-24-2015
Hi Rebecca.Love your female Ina Slankamena.Please let me know if you are selling the pick female pup?...and cost for the pup.Best regards Peter from Richmond,Virginia
8:37pm 03-22-2015
I'm interested in buying a female, show quality, breeding. How much is the cost? when is availability?
I Live in Port St. Lucie FL.
I own my house and it has a descent size yard that is fenced in. I have no children, I'm 52 yrs
8:28pm 03-14-2015
Shaen and Diana
We couldn't be happier with Remy. He's everything we had hoped for and look forward to watching him grow with our family. You guys are great and we can't thank you enough!!!
1:16pm 02-25-2015
I am looking for a large female puppy. Do you have any available?
8:03pm 02-20-2015
It is such an extraordinary experience to read about and care that you give to these noble friends of man. I cannot commend you with high enough praise for your passion and devotion to provide potential owners with the assurance that they have the possibility of being the guardians for such an outstanding selection. Special thanks are in order. Bravo!
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